Classic Fairytales with a Twist . . . Touring Shows

Party at the North Pole


A festive musical where a polar bear, reindeer, toy soldier, and an elf team up to show the power of SHARING.

Mischievous Elf


In this fun original Holiday story about three toys: an elf, hip-hop ballerina, and rescue ranger, we learn the value of HOPE.

Goldilocks & Three Bears


In this colorful adaptation, Goldilocks learns the meaning of RESPECT from her new found friend, Baby Bear.



Our version of the most popular fairytale in the world, Cinderella shows the importance of KINDNESS in a world that isn't always so.



Richard struggles to STAND UP TO BULLYING, but with help, he finds his wings & catches the game winning ball, he's a swan after all.

Emperor's New Clothes


A delightful tale about a self-centered, pompous Emperor who learns from two tricky tailors the value of COMPASSION.

Hansel and Gretel


This favorite tale highlights BRAVERY as Hansel and Gretel go on a musical trek through the forest in search of food.

Jack and the Beanstalk


Wonderful Wanda shares with Jack the IMPORTANCE OF READING and imagination as she makes the story come to life.

Mother Goose Stories


Sam travels to Mother Goose land and jumps into 20 different nursery rhymes where she finds the COURAGE to be herself.

The Three Little Pigs


A fun filled romp in which Alfred B Wolf teaches three pigs the importance of COOPERATION.

Little Red Riding Hood


This favorite tale highlights SAFETY as Red learns to listen to that little voice inside and "trust her instinct."



A wise old man helps a girl spin straw into gold for the King, because of a lie her mother told, a lesson in HONESTY

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